Microsoft Partners With Cisco To Enhance Interoperability In Meeting Solutions

By: John Mbugua

Microsoft and Cisco interoperability for the first time, Cisco will join the Microsoft Teams certification program as a partner. The collaboration was announced in October 2022 by Microsoft to integrate two Cisco product solutions: Cisco Room and Desk devices with Microsoft Teams. These integrations will be readily available during the first half of the year 2023. That will natively run under Microsoft Team as the default user experience to improve e-meetings. Cisco Room offers high-quality video, and audio with rich experiences and embedded room intelligence to power engaging and productive hybrid workflows. Whereas, Desk devices are an all-in-one premium collaboration and productivity device featuring a 27-inch 4K display, 71-degree HD camera, superior sound system, and advanced noise-cancelling microphone array.

“By welcoming Cisco as our newest partner building devices Certified for Microsoft Teams, we are excited to bring leading collaboration hardware and software to market together for our joint customers,” said Jeff Teper, President of, Collaborative apps and platforms at Microsoft.

He also added that Microsoft’s vision is to make Teams the best collaboration experience for physical spaces by bringing to life an incredible ecosystem with hardware partners. Meanwhile, Cisco’s Jeetu Patel, EVP and GM, of Security and Collaboration applauded their partnership with Microsoft, stating that it, ‘brings together two collaboration leaders to entirely reimagine the hybrid work experience’. Moreover, he emphasized that Cisco’s hybrid work strategy and understanding of customers’ needs for collaboration are happening on their terms — regardless of device or meeting platform has been interoperable.

Teams will begin certification of Cisco’s six major meeting devices and three peripherals- Cisco Room Bar, Cisco Board Pro 55 inches and 75 inches, and Cisco Room Kit Pro-for small, medium and large meeting room settings, respectively. As part of commencing stages of the certification process by early 2023. At a later stage, Cisco Desk Pro and Cisco Room will also be certified. These devices will continue running their current default functionality by allowing users to join WebEx meetings by retaining all existing features and user functionalities. However, customers will have an option of selecting between Microsoft Teams Rooms or WebEx as a default meeting experience. Towards the end of October 2022, Cisco Desk Camera 4K-an intelligent USB webcam will be the first accessory on the market, followed by two headphones with a Teams button by early 2023.

Users will also choose between Cisco Control Hub device management, the Teams Admin Centre, and the new Teams Rooms Pro Management Portal to manage all the above devices upon certification.

During Microsoft’s fall 2022 Surface event, the company revealed its integration of the Photos App in Windows 11 with Apple’s iCloud storage service. Meanwhile, iPhone users with Windows devices will gain access to view and download iPhone photos and videos within Photos once they download the iCloud for Windows app from Microsoft Store and sync with iCloud.

Similarly, according to Microsoft, ‘Windows consumers with Android phones have experienced that promise for the previous few years with connectivity across messaging, calling, and photographs directly to their Windows PC, bringing the two most essential devices in their lives closer together.’ Quoted by CNET. Highlighting that they are making it simpler than ever for users to use their Xbox and Windows devices to access their iPhone images and the content they love from Apple

In addition, Apple revealed that more Microsoft platforms will receive first-party streaming services like Apple Music and Apple TV. Apple Music and the Apple TV app will debut on Windows in 2023 since Apple Music is already available for Xbox systems.

In Conclusion, tech companies are working hand in hand to ensure devices and systems are accessible over diverse ecosystems. Within the hybrid work environment, this is a plus since different organizations use different meeting solutions based on their needs and often use third-party solutions in case they have to work together on something.


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