Technology Leasing

TBM Leasing

We offer cost effective leasing solutions to companies and institutions to help them finance and purchase the current technology they need to run their business efficiently, profitably and keep their equipment up to date.

Why Lease?

  1. Leasing costs a fraction of what you would spend on an outright cash purchase.
  2. Helps you to purchase the equipment you need today and spread out the payment across its useful life.
  3. When you will avoid tying up your capital on equipment that will depreciate, become obsolete or need frequent replacement.
  4. When you lease, you do not need to make any large upfront cash outlays.
  5. The payments are regular and predictable making it easier for you to plan and manage you cash flow.
  6. When leasing you do not need to spend your scarce time and money on end-of-life disposal of assets.
  7. We assign you a dedicated asset manager, customized insurance.
  8. When you lease you do not worry on repairs and support cost (we offer onsite support 24/7)
  9. After lease expires we offer very attractive buy back packages.

TBM has over 5years experience in the leasing services. We are strategically aligned to multinational vendors and Lease partners. As Lenovo tier one partner and authorized warranty centre, we guarantee best market rates and machine support.

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