July 20, 2016


Enterprise IT systems

Improve the way everyone in your business works, using services from our infrastructure enterprise systems—the systems that are optimized, secure and powerful enough for the most critical business needs. They are defined by their ability to provide the highest levels of serviceand efficiency for critical applications and data. They deliver the highest scale for enterprise applications, while linking critical data and processes across multiple lines of business and across entire value chains.


  • Entry level to Enterprise level Servers and Storage
  • Virtualization
  • Infrastructure Systems Integration and Middleware
  • Converged and Hyper-converged Solutions
  • PC , Desktops, Printers
  • Data Centre
  • CCTV and Surveillance systems

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Our Data center offerings can scale to meet anticipated demand. With its efficient designs that includes in-row power and cooling, it can enable you to handle high-density computing requirements with less power than a raised floor environment. TBM through various vendors can offer two types of

Data centers:

  • PMDC – Portable Modular Data center
  • SMDC – Scalable Modular Data center.

TBM can offers the two types of IBM Data centers

The Portable Modular Data Center (PMDC) is a container product, with complete physical infrastructure including UPS, cooling systems, batteries, fire suppression and remote monitoring. The PMDC can be shipped and dropped into any environment, and supports an open architecture and equipment from multiple vendors.

Scalable Modular Data Center (SMDC) has inherent scalability and flexibility to help cut up-front costs by as much as 20 percent by using standardized modules. It is designed to be 15 to 30 percent more energy efficient and can deploy in just 8 to 12 weeks. At 500 to 2,500 square feet (approximately 50 to 250 square meters), it is targeted for midsize clients


Enterprise Networks

Connect anyone, anywhere, using any device — seamlessly, reliably and securely. Our Enterprise Network delivers the reliable, scalable, and highly secure IT infrastructure that your business needs. From data centers to collaboration, we designing, implementation and support.


  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Wireless



Help people work together to solve problems, make decisions, and present ideas faster regardless of distance, empowers people to engage and innovate — anywhere, on any device.


  • IP-Telephony
  • Video Conferencing



No One is Insusceptible from being breached, the most daunting challenge is getting companies to detect that they have been compromised. There is no magic in security technology; TBM enables you to respond to this complex enterprise challenges by providing the relevant security technology.

The deep-rooted methodology approach of responding to incidences is different too … Watch, Wait and you call someone when infiltrated simply puts you on front page articles. The solutions we offer entail a 360 degree visibility eradicating threats, minimizing business disruptions and optimizing your efficiency. "


  • Security Intelligence
  • Database Security
  • Network Security
  • Web Application Security
  •  Unified Threat Management
  • Security Audit

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Software services

  • Backup and recovery automation
  • Document Management
  • Anti Money Laundering Solutions
  • Business Intelligence and  Analytics

TBM’s Analytics solutions assist organizations to propel information gathering and data organization, and exploit potential information and knowledge hidden in routinely collected data to improve decision making.

TBM focuses on developing solutions to real-world problems associated with the changing nature of IT infrastructure and increasing volumes of data, through the use of applications and case studies.

Our core analytics based solutions revolve around:

  • AML Reporting for financial institutions
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Data warehousing with analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data governance
  • Risk Management
  • FATCA and IFRS9 Reporting and Compliance
  • IT Service Management
  • Email Services