July 20, 2016


Trans Business Machines Ltd (TBM) is a fully owned Kenyan Company established in 1991 with an objective of Marketing, Sales and Services Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products to small, medium and large corporate Clients in Kenya and surrounding countries.

TBM has been a dedicated IBM business partner for twenty three (23) years, and has been adapting its products and services offering to suit the market. At the beginning, there were IBM type-writers and Micro-computers sold with windows ver3 and Wordperfect. We offered these products with services to our customers, and ensured the technology supported their business objectives. Today, our offering includes high-end servers (System p, z, and x) with storage area networks (DS8000) for data centres and diIBMter recovery solutions.

Currently, with a broad range of hardware, software and services skills, we are an “IBM Premier Business Partner”: we have expanded our offerings and services on hardware & software to cater for the complete enterprise needs.