who we are

Trans Business Machines Ltd (TBM) is a fully owned Kenyan Company established in 1991 with an objective of Marketing, Sales and Services Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products to small, medium and large corporate clients in Kenya and surrounding countries.



TBM has been a dedicated IBM business partner for more than 20 years, and has adapted its products and services offered to suit the market. The early 90's saw us distribute IBM Typewriters and Micro-computers sold with MS-DOS and MS Windows 3.11. We offered these products with services to our customers, and ensured the technology supported their business objectives. Today, our offering includes high-end Enterprise system solutions and disaster recovery sites. We have always believed that Technology, however advanced, will not benefit any organisation if implemented poorly or sold without proper service & support. Together with the innovation that our vendors have continuously developed within their products, we have challenged ourselves to invest in our competencies, so as to grow our offerings to the local market. Currently, with a broad range of hardware, software and services, we are an IBM Gold Business Partner, with various certified specialities: Over the years we have expanded our offerings and services across different Multinational vendors to satisfy a wide range of customer requirements such as Anti Money laundering (AML Solutions), Security, Intergration, Networking, Telephony and Collaboration, Leasing of IT equipments, support and warranty services among others.

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